Seyyed Ali Mohammadiyeh (Max Base)
Software Engineer
My nickname is Max, I am Full Stack Developer and IT Professional over 10+ Years. Professional experience in Programming, Open Source, and other Technologies. I started to learn programming in the earlier ages and now I'm a full stack developer who has mastered many programming areas. such as web developing, server-side programming, c , etc.
We are a group consist of members from Sweden, India, Canada, Iran.
I currently live in Kashan.     
Work Experience
Open Source Maintainer
01/2013 – Present
Remote, Full-Time
GitHub, Inc. is a United States-based global company that provides hosting for software development and version control using Git.
As one of world most active programmers, I'm one member of official company team and help to open source community day by day.
Senior Software Engineer
Electronic Arts     
07/2018 – 11/2018
Remote, Part-Time, Vancouver, Canada
Electronic Arts Inc. is an American video game company. It is the second-largest gaming company.
Friendly Help to EA employee to complete a project for EA and origin website. (Web technologies and Javascript)
Software Engineer
Sumo Currency     
06/2017 – 07/2017
Sumokoin is a cryptocurrency of security, privacy, untraceability and fungibility for value storage and highly-confidential transactions.
Software Engineer
Ryo Currency     
11/2019 – 12/2019
Ryo is one of very few cryptonote currencies that does actual, rapid development.
Technical Leads
Asrez Group     
2013 – Present
India, Sweden, Canada, Iran
A team includes some programmer, developer, designer, researcher(s).
Open Source
Web development
C Programming
Compiler Design
Honor Awards
11th of world most active programmers in GitHub ranking (2020)     
Student Computer Olympiad (2012)
The country's Olympiad and Talent Center
Getting rank in first stage, Presence in the second stage.
The best software produced in the year (2019)
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
An Iranian student has written a homegrown programming language that has won great acclaim in local scientific festivals.
Conferences & Courses
Group, Algorithm, Programming system (2020)
The 12th Group Theory Conference
Deep look at Rust Programming Language (2019)
Computer science community of University
Problem solving
Remote work
Performance and Optimization
Text processing
Upper-intermediate (B2)
Volunteer Experience
One Programming Language     
2011 – Present
Trying to design interpreter, compiler, runtime library, linker, assembler.
Technical Skills
PHP and Hack, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, Text proccesing, Regex
Git, Linux, Unix-Like, Python, Server configuration
Open source activity, Compiler Design, jQuery, Java
Go, C++
Assembly, x86, ReactJs, React Native
Angular, Vuejs
Job Offers
Software Engineer
Silicon Valley, California
Google LLC is an United States based multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies alongside Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.
I had to refuse it because it was not a remote job and it was impossible for me to go to the US at that time.
Bachelor of Mathematics
Kashan University
2018 – Present
Part-Time, Remote (COVID-19)

GitHub: Personal Open-Source Projects
The firefox addon for analyzing the purchase of Airplane tickets.
Analyze the combine with and without the repetition. (SOON)
A tiny class to check automatically the Android application, if there are a newer version.
Get device information of android using a tiny and small Java file.
A sample android application with google maps for SDK 9.
An android application to send sms for a cloud-based web service.
An example of an Android map app, Snapp app map rebuild.
A tiny android application to display a special webpage in default.
API: Web Service Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Access to live data of outbreak of novel coronavirus disease 2019 using PHP.
Assembly Project compatible with 8086/8088 microprocessor.
Tiny programs using Assembly based on X86.
Analyze SQL query and extract data of attachment files to insert new wordpress post.
The Big list of the github, open-source compilers.
Awesome/Repo List of the cryptocurrencies in the github.
The Big list of the github, open-source interpreters.
Awesome/Fork List of monero base projects in the github.
A tiny and CLI program for Bank system with 2 different user access using C.
Max Base Personal Website.
A software to analyze a octal number and generate formula to produce graph. (Phd Project in mathematics field, Article)
A software to analyze a octal number and generate formula to produce graph. (Phd Project in mathematics field, Article)
List of book category and subject in Dewey List. (Book System)
Simple Chat Application using Boost Asio, based on Cpp.
All sample codes for bootstrap library.
Tiny Library for browser features detection.
Tiny program as a calculator for the math expression based on regular expression.
A online calculator using web technology based on Javascript.
The powerful library for display and convert calendar and handle the date units. (Soon)
A sample and tiny RESTful API based on C programming and a fastcgi library.
A tiny program to solve the thousand captcha image for testing the quality of the OCR. (Optical character recognition)
Python program to convert a Context Free Grammar to Chomsky Normal Form.
Tiny Library for change number from a language in other language.
Useful functions for work with character, string in the PHP based application.
Check the number and calculate the gcd and lcm and perfect.
Tiny Program to check the reverse of the string using C/C++.
Chess game with two player based on electron. (SOON)
Chess game with two player. (SOON)
Implement MD5 encryption using c without openssl and extra library.
A new C standard library implementation intended for use on embedded systems. (SOON)
Our Coding BootCamp JavaScript 2020 (10 days)
Tiny library to convert various colored units. (rgb, hex)
Some ways for colorizing the text in different operating system.
Tiny program to display all of the element combinations.
Archive of my programs code for contest questions.
A tiny and powerful library for converting calendar date units. (gregorian, jalali)
Tiny Library for copy text in clipboard.
A repository for analyzing references and database of "" website for Corona Virus.
A tiny and small program to crawler and analyze outbreak of COVID-19 in world and every country using PHP.
A php script for parsing an own configuration setting file and generate HTML page archive.
List of site references and useful sources for beginners of c++ programming language.
Sample project for working with the file in cpp with add, search, delete, edit.
Sample cUrl program to send request and recive response using C.
A tiny library and script to divide and split a remote file to download that step by step.
An example of a make checkbox design on the web.
An example of a make radio-button design on the web.
Custom Windows Frame with toolbar based on the electron.
A tiny library for decode value of the query string using c with utf8 support and html entities.
A repository to write a program to connect to direct2internet payment page.
Analyze, process and check the disk and files. (SOON)
Display the structure of the elements in web template.
A sample game based on CLI cpp for a education person.
Email Address Scanner is a free and useful service to detect email address then really exists or not.
A tiny project and sample to display a list of some users with avatar to fetch data from internet using Json structure.
A repository to archive trying Canvas in javascript to handle event and methods of canvas.
Extract word(s) from the lines of the file.
Max Base: A repository for my Main website.
Tiny and Powerful Library for limit an entry (text box,input) as number,string or more...
A script for filtering the lines of the string with a specific format.
Begin point and Getting start of the electron using node js.
A sample application created using React Native.
A repository to begin learning programming with Maple.
Sample repository to extend MySQL server by develop additional function. (Mysql UDF)
First Progressive Web App using Nodejs, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
A sample application created using React Native.
Some sample codes for using selenium in Python just for fun.
Begin point and getting start to SFML using CPP.
Some sample codes for using VueJs in webpage just for fun.
Getting Started With WebAssembly technology.
Tiny Library for fix problem of language selection in type text.
A sample project based on python and flask.
Food Market Theme: Theme for food market.
Download Free List book of Springer. [PDF format]
A repository to introduce GAP system for beginners.
A sample package based on GAP.
Git Control , Management the repositories easily in our directory. (SOON)
Analyze and use the Github API with some tiny example.
A small script to download and archive all repositories of a account in GitHub with PHP.
GitHubMirrorList: List of mirrors of GitHub.
Archive of my experiments related to checking the security of GitHub and XSS vulnerability.
Search in the google and parse the results using python.
Tiny and Powerful Library for change place of the scroll and focus on element.
A small program to guess password for some crackers who want to enjoy by trying...
A tiny library for using easily HashMap, arraylist in the C.
Display and check the Hex Codes of the file(s). (SOON)
A repository to analyze and check the sample project based on Core 2.2.
Configuration for i3 in my PC/personal system at Arch Gnu/Linux.
A PHP-base web system and site for displaying Android applications from Google Play Market and ... (along with 7 different languages)
Recognition of the images includes train and tests based on Python.
Recognition of the images with artificial intelligence includes train and tests based on Python.
India Mobile Number Database.
Google Interview Experience (For Software Engineering Intern)
Solving Facebook interview questions.
Sample Website With Cookie, Database, Template View Using Go. (Soon)
Sample code and project to calculate or check the prime numbers.
Tiny function to check the jalali calendar.
Big and Huge Number/Integer class implementation with supporting arithmetic operations + - * / %.
Tiny library and class for Jalali Calendar in Java with Gregorian calendar convertor.
A tiny implementation of String class in java as final project.
A free software for Jalali and shamsi date to get current date in jalali calendar.
JSON Parser Object PHP is a library for parsing the data in JSON format.
Some tiny script to limit and remove the last line from input string using PHP.
Link Shortener is a free and useful service to create a short link then redirect to other links.
LiveWebChatSocket: A mini project for personal chat messaging in a cloud-based server using NodeJs(Javascript).
Multi-language management and support on the site.
Tiny Library for import and load the javascript file(code).
A software to check Loxblog subdomains to detect smart Link Exchange box.
List of some subdomains of
Example Map Android application based on MapBox.
a nice autoindex witch will allow you to run a download site very easily, it also has plugins
Examines and analyzes mathematical propositions.
Modify and Improve math expressions.
Scan and find the biggest number's value of the a matrix.
The tiny library to calculating the matrices and operations. (Soon)
The Cramer, Determinant, Coefficient, Multiplication for the matrix.
New results from research on matrices.
Max Base: A repository for my Main website. (English version)
Max Base: A repository for Max Base Youtube Channel.
A Markdown Editor with some new feature to support RTL languages.
A script to download file from Mega.n and read it. (Using PHP)
A repository for Website of MetaCall project, For supporting multi language.
Simple minesweeper game developed using C++ in the CLI mode. (Soon)
C++ software to compress and archive files with Qt based UI. (Currently user-interface ready)
Tiny calculator interpreter with supporting Mathematical functions using Python.
PHP software to compress and archive files with CLI console.
MoloxBlog is a free blog template for personal using...
Sample code for connecting to the MongoDB.
Sample python script to connect mongo database.
A sample multi-language blog using Jeykyll and GitHub Pages.
Install and work with multi telegram account on one system, without copy or change source.
Get the string address of my current position (location) using google maps.
A MySQL/MariaDB module and plugin to calculate the formula and calculate mathematical expression in SQL Query.
A great and simple website based on express with MySQL using.
Solving N-Queen problem using Genetic Algorithm.
NaliMail is a free service to manage email web-based client.
namifyUrl is tiny function to normalize a URL address string for you.
Useful functions for connecting to the network in the PHP based applications.
A sample script to automatically create nginx configuration file to set up all website on.
Tiny library to convert numbers to words. (SOON)
Simple and compact class library for working with the MS OLE Database.
Ombre - Digital Cash For High-Confidential Transactions
A repository for Ombre(Ombre is a cryptonote currency) website.
Keeping or removing some part of lines from a text with special attributes.
A web-based document or book for technical and programming with a minimal theme project using HTML, CSS, JS.
A tiny header file for detects the operating system in C based program.
The Demo of Pantel Messenger for global connection.
Partition an array into multiple arrays using PHP.
PHP Auto Style: A tool for format and beautify the style of PHP code with my style.
A small tools to connect with BigBlueButton API and create room and join and more works.
Optimize And Minify PHP Code.
A tiny PHP-base library to parse domain address with a limit format allowed list.
PHP Easy DB (Database) is an easy library to manage and control the database.
A tiny code to convert date into Jalali calendar using pure PHP code without extra library and code.
Tiny function to split a string by a array of the string for PHP.
Documentation for phpMussel.
Nice Captcha with good quality and security for keeping safe from bots using PHP.
A mini, tiny content manager system (CMS) for general purpose and using for sites based on PHP.
Small program in C language to calculate pi value.
Implement and simulate piano on web page.
Some popular questions in programming field for teacher.
Design and development Crypto algorithms.
Tiny Calculator: Price equations allow you to automatically update your price with the price fluctuations.
A php-based system script such as vote system to submit form and store it, finally it will show some chart for watching it.
The research about Ramsey Number based on C.
A program to analyze and check a specific colorize in Ramsey Number R(5, 5).
The research about Ramsey Number based on Python.
A archive repository for a research about colorize the Graphs.
A research repository about the Ramsey numbers and explore the new data in the mathematics field to write an article using One Programming Language.
Tiny Library for get random proxy (free).
Tiny Library for get random proxy (free).
Tiny program for generate random characters using C
A Rational Number class with supporting of + - * / < > >= <= != =.
The calculator project for parse the values with general operators. (Soon)
Make readable the subtitle files.
Reset CSS Stylesheet to reduce browser inconsistencies.
Algorithm to solving the rook polynomial questions.
Calculating the distance and duration of two point in the Map.
Tiny Library for benchmark javascript code.
Implementing a captcha service using PHP and javascript to can use it anywhere such as Web.
A tiny implement API for game apps with a web service using PHP.
Tiny library for generate a secure random characters using C. (SOON)
A repository for a tool allows you to generate the SHA256 hash of any string using Javascript.
Display the "Ali" name as art and pattern using * character.
Sample repository to lean Django Signals in small script Using Python.
A small calculator to parse and execute mathematical expressions based on C, Flex, Bison.
A Smart Filtering to keep and remove the character or words of the text. (SOON)
A progress bar(loading) example that runs from 0 to 100.
NotificationListener: An android application to track phone messages and Children to understand what message they receive. (using Java)
A script to connect to a SMTP server and send email using that.
Own function to calc the square root of a number.
A web crawler which crawls the stackoverflow website.
A crawler program to extract all of the data and the price for symbols in the global stock exchange.
A tiny program to convert a file contents to C string with supporting multi-lines...
Research: The submatrices character count problem: an efficient solution using separable values.
Display the dialog for submit email.
A web page for booking a taxi with some feature to convert address to latitude and longitude to display the route on the map.
A web page for booking a taxi with some feature to display the route on the map with ability to setup waypoints.
Research Simple t-designs: A recursive construction for arbitrary t.
A Tiny script to send message for new projects in GitHub Open Source - Free Software/GitHub Trending channel. (
A telegram bot to sending weather information daily in some channels. (Using PHP and getting information from a API)
A new Android application based on new telegram concepts design Using Android (Java) with support SDK 9 and up to more.
Sample code for the telegram bot using PHP.
A tiny smart bot to reply my new messages in the telegram.
A pure script to communicate with Telegram server without any Third-party tools and library.
A tiny library to Serialization and Deserialization of the JS objects for Telegram.
A program to parse and decode formatted part of the Telegram message text with UTF8 support.
A mirror for Telegram Javascript Contest Stage 1.
A guide document with some example file for Tex, Latex.
A online and web-based tool to analyze the words of an input string.
telegram library
Tiny Calculator with support of +, -, *, /, ^, sin, cos, tan...
Tiny Calculator with support of +, -, *, /...
Tiny shell is a command-line interface (CLI) to execute commands in the system and to manage system. (SOON)
Small telegram bot library using PHP.
Tiny and Powerful Library for show time counter.
Parse tl scheme to tlo.
A java program to convert a new language to plain english language. (A exercise for String in advanced programming)
NotificationListener: An android application to track phone messages and Children to understand what message they receive. (using Java)
Analysis and thinking about trigonometry functions and how they work.
A Tiny script to send tweet for new projects in GitHub Trending. (
A bot to login in Twitter and process page with selenium using Python.
Implementation of the ls command... (SOON)
Tiny C program to validation Parentheses () [] {} symbols.
A sample bootstrap template for a android store website.
A web template for messenger based on HTML,CSS.
Mole game with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. (Web-based)
The Sample web project using ruby sinatra.
Snake game with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. (Web-based)
Analyzing popular algorithms from the world of algorithms ...
List of all city and country name with population number in json structure.
Tiny NodeJS server-side script for download the youtube video based on expressJs.
C software to compress and archive files with CLI console. (miniz)